About Us

Interior of JavaHut

JavaHut has been an established coffee shop for over two decades. Although there has been an array of owners, all have loved the shop in their own way, each bringing a unique touch to the Java Hut identity. Today, the current owner Chelsey Lewis, brings a warm and welcoming feeling. Java Hut strives to support the local community and spread java love all over the North Lake Tahoe area.

A Brief History:

After being the owners of JavaHut for over five years now we thought it was appropriate to enlighten everyone on our backstory.  Flash back, to a long time ago, we were just two young snowboarders in love, Jonn and Chelsey.

The mountains were home and snow was our God.  We worshiped the snowboard lifestyle, and we were really good at it.  Chasing snow was our dream, and we were living the dream.  Our search lead us to Jackson, WY and Mt. Hood, OR.  Everything was ideal until the night that changed our lives forever.

Jonn’s father, mother and grandmother were brutally murdered in their own home.  This senseless act of violence altered our future.  Utter disbelief and grief beyond comprehension followed.  From here, our path led us to Lake Tahoe, CA.  Fate contributed to this part of our backstory, for no reason other than JavaHut coming onto our radar.

For countless reasons, buying JavaHut felt like the proper way to honor Jonn’s family.  We wanted to create a place full of love and acceptance.  A place where everyone feels welcome and comfortable. A place where you feel better leaving than you did entering.  A warm space where everyone feels safe. A bubble that can protect you from the scary outside world, if only for five minutes.  Five years later we feel we have achieved this goal.  JavaHut IS our Happy Place and we are grateful to share it with all of you!

Thank you a million to everyone who has supported and continues to support us.  Through deep tragedy we have learned to deal with the pain and to move forward with a positive outlook.  Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for accepting us. We hope that this brief look into the window of our lives helps all of you to understand us better.

We are not conventional business owners, or conventional people in general.  Our intense devotion to creativity is mirrored in our devotion to JavaHut.  Tahoe is magical and healing and for that we are eternally grateful. Please be mindful and remember to support small businesses, because you are supporting a dream.

Thank you for supporting JavaHut Kings Beach.

Only Love,

Jonn and Chelsey Goggin.